Soft Fishing Lures 40 Pcs

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  • All in One Fishing Kit: This soft fishing lure kit contains 30 Pcs four kinds of color Original Tube Baits and the 10 necessary jig heads. Overall, this is a great add on set to build up your tackle box for a new fishing season. All these lures are great for multi-seasonal use, now you can enjoy fishing all year round!
  • Moving Swimbait: The lifelike design gives our soft fishing swimbait a natural appearance to help trick bass or trout or any other fish. The round paddle tail helps flap and vibrate with a hard thump, enticing any fish to bite.
  • Durable Fishing lures: Our soft floating swimbait features cool 3D fish eyes, a lively split tail, bright luster and sequins inside, sparking underwater to attract more strikes. These complete fishing set lures are durable, reusable and particularly bite resistant.
  • Real life Fishing Baits: This soft fishing bait mimics live bait like real worms, and can be extremely effective when bass fishing. Their soft bodies feel more like real prey to bass, so they can often work better than hard lures. Mimicking the look and action of a crawfish is always a good way to catch fish.
  • High Quality Lead Jig Heads: Our jig head is made of premium durable lead and the mechanically-sharpened barbed hook point ensures a better penetration. The jig heads are strong enough to hold the fish, with no bending or moments of concern when baiting them.

Soft plastics have been around for quite a while now and, if you have friends who are into fishing, you’ve probably heard at least one of them swear by soft plastics. This is probably because there are soft plastics to suit pretty much any environment and their flexible bodies and fluid movements in the water make them irresistible to many species of fish.

Dead baits will work pretty much anywhere, but they won’t necessarily be the most effective, or efficient, method of catching fish. Lures, on the other hand, will work for many species of fish but often a little extra motion and bait scent can help them perform even better. Because they are ‘scented’, soft plastics act like both dead baits and lures at the same time, making them a favourite among anglers fishing close to offshore structures, such as kayak fishers.

How to use
1. Find an appropriately sized soft plastic for your jig head (you want the hook to exit near the tail).
2. Thread the soft plastic onto the jig head taking care to keep it straight.
3. Push the hook through near the tail and ensure there are no bumps and the soft plastic is not twisted on the jig head.
4. Go and catch some fish!

Swimbait Material: Quality Plastic Lures
Jig Heads: Premium Lead & Mechanically Sharpened Blades
Original Tube Baits Size: 2 inches
Original Tube Baits weight: 0.2 oz/each; total 2.8 oz
Tackle box Size: 5.1*2.3 inches

What’s in the Box
30*Original Tube Baits
10 * Jig heads
1* tackle box