Wrap-A-Loc Fishing Lures Equipment Kit 94 Pcs

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  • WIDE VARIETY OF ACCESSORIES. Get different types of baits and accessories when you purchase this fishing equipment kit. Receive different designs and shapes of artificial bait that attract and hook various kinds of fish.
  • HYPER REALISTIC DESIGN FISH BAIT. The lure accessories inside the kid are designed to mimic real life fish which enables baiting fish much easier.
  • TOP QUALITY AND LONG LASTING LURE SET. Made from top quality plastic and metal materials to withstand external environments. Each material in the kit holds a long lifetime and strong bearing capacity which allows it to be used multiple times.
  • EASY TO ORGANIZE AND TRAVEL AROUND. Never miss a thing and identify your fishing tool easily with a compartmentalized and easy to see plastic tackle box. It allows you to sort your lure accessories in one glance and makes traveling around with your fishing set much easier.
  • SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT KINDS OF FISH. The most versatile fishing kit which allows you to fish comfortably and easily on saltwater, lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, and sea to catch different kinds of fish like trout, salmon, pike, bass, walleye, and others.


What You Get With The Fishing Lure Kit

- A variety of baits and hooks that are designed similarly to real life fish that lure and bait freshwater and saltwater fish alike
- An easy to travel and organize plastic tackle box which stores all your fishing equipment in one go.
- Top Quality fishing kit that lasts for a long time allowing you to use them in multiple fishing trips


The Right Fishing Kit Makes the Difference

Choosing the correct fishing kit allows you to enjoy fishing a whole lot more. With designs that are closest to real fish, it’s much easier to attract fish even in different bodies of water. Capture fish like salmon, bass, trout, and pikes with simple yet effective fishing kits. Use the appropriate size and design on the water you’re fishing on and your target fish to have the most enjoyable fishing trip and experience you’ll ever have.

All our products are guaranteed to be made from top quality plastic and metal. Items are also ensured to be complete and in working condition prior to shipping. For any missing products or damaged items, contact us immediately for a refund or a product replacement.

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