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Fishing Lures Equipment Kit 94 Pcs

Choosing the correct fishing kit allows you to enjoy fishing a whole lot more. With designs that are closest to real fish, it’s much easier to attract fish even in different bodies of water. Capture fish like salmon, bass, trout, and pikes with simple yet effective fishing kits. Use the appropriate size and design on the water you’re fishing on and your target fish to have the most enjoyable fishing trip and experience you’ll ever have.

- A variety of baits and hooks that are designed similarly to real life fish that lure and bait freshwater and saltwater fish alike

Multi Jointed Fish Lures

A fishing lure is a type of artificial fishing bait which is designed to attract a fish's attention. The lure uses movement, vibration, flash and color to bait fish. Many lures are equipped with one or more hooks that are used to catch fish when they strike the lure. Some lures are placed to attract fish so a spear can be impaled into the fish or so the fish can be captured by hand.

Modern commercial lures usually are often used with a fishing rod and fishing reel but there are some who use a technique where they hold the line in their hands. Handlining is a technique in which the line is held directly in the hands versus being fed through the guides of a fishing rod.


Suitable for: River, Lake, & Sea
Attribute: Slow Sinking with Attached mustad hooks
Product Size: 10cm or 3.9 in
Weight: 20g or 0.7oz
Hook: #6 Mustad Hooks
Moving: S-Shaped Swimming Action

What’s in the Box
5 * Fishing Lures

Soft Fishing Lures 40 Pcs

Soft plastics have been around for quite a while now and, if you have friends who are into fishing, you’ve probably heard at least one of them swear by soft plastics. This is probably because there are soft plastics to suit pretty much any environment and their flexible bodies and fluid movements in the water make them irresistible to many species of fish.

Dead baits will work pretty much anywhere, but they won’t necessarily be the most effective, or efficient, method of catching fish. 

Portable Fish Lip Gripper

3 in one Portable Fish Lip Gripper is portable and durable for Fishing scale, Fish Gripper, and fishing weight with High quality strong corrosion-resistant stainless steel tube and jaw.It's so easy now to catch a decent size fish, grip him, remove the hook, get a quick measurement with the tape, maybe snap a quick fish-selfie, and get the fish back in the water very quickly without a hassle. 

You can easily operate it with one hand and we never missed landing a pike. Smooth release when you're ready. Gets weight and length in moments without keeping the fish out of the water longer than necessary.


A lot of great pieces different lures they gave me a small large mouth bass swim bait with rattled inside I can’t wait to use this weekend. 

Melissa barnhill

Got one for my husband and one for my father in law. I was looking at individual lures first, but then I came across this set. My FIL planned a fishing day with his kids and grandkids and this set was a hit! I got brownie points for being thoughtful too.

Augusta E.

For a great price you get all these rubber lures. It comes in a nice little tackle box so you're all set to go. Great product.It’s worth it I live everything they including. And a one I never seen witch is a cricket very cool

Javier Robayo

Plenty of great lure for an endless day on the lake. I had a great 1st experience with these lure ! I caught 60lbs of assorted fish in less than an hour!My husband and son loved it! They come with just about everything you could want for both lake and saltwater fishing.The lures are of relatively good quality and it comes with enough extra gear to keep you fishing for a long time.

CJ Pondera